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Our Story

Mony and Sara are a dynamic mother-daughter duo with a deep passion for curly hair. They have dedicated themselves tirelessly to launching Dubai's premier authentic salon specifically for curly hair. Their mission? To dismantle the negative stereotypes surrounding curly hair — the misconceptions that it's unruly, unprofessional, or unappealing. At their salon, they not only offer specialized services but also provide education for women on nurturing and celebrating their natural curls.

Meet The Team

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Senior Colorist/Hair Stylist

Colorist extraordinaire, and an all around professional beautician with over fifteen years of experience in the field. Rëzo Certified. 



Senior Colorist/Hair Stylist

Curly hair specialist from South Africa, Colorist, Balyage specialist, certified in cadō by Reema Jaber.

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Senior Colorist/Hair Stylist

Curly Hair Specialist, Rëzo Certified, Colorist, Balyage Specialist. 

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Treatment and styling specialist. 3 years experience. 

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